Why should we use bootstraps ?


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Why should we use bootstraps

Best Reasons to Use Bootstrap CSS Framework for Amazing Designs

Bootstrap is a framework to help you design websites faster and easier. If you as a web designer or web developer are new to Bootstrap, we have put forward some of the best reasons that will help in using Bootstrap for amazing web designs. Bootstrap is a responsive, mobile-first, prevailing, and front-end framework, which is developed along with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Bootstrap is the most popular framework for creating layouts. Here are some additional reasons to use Bootstrap:

1. Easy to get started
Bootstrap is easy to set up and create a working layout in less than an hour. Bootstrap is very adaptable too. You can utilize Bootstrap along with CSS, or LESS, or also with Sass

2. Responsiveness
Bootstrap has the capability to utilize 12-column grid layouts and components. Whether you need a fixed grid or a responsive, its only a matter of a few changes with the use of ready-made classes of Bootstrap.

3. styling for HTML elements
A website has many different elements such as headings, tables, lists, forms, buttons, and model, etc. here some HTML elements which is provided best style: Typography, Tables, Forms, Code, Images, Buttons, Icons & models.

4. Customization
The Bootstrap can be customized as per the designs of your project. Bootstrap 4 has many numbers of customization options that control nearly every aspect of the framework, from the major changes like size of the grid and easily changing progress bar colors. Bootstrap’s customization is very flexible, it has over 500 SASS variables

5. A useful list of components
Whether you need Drop-down menus, Models, Pagination, alert boxes, Bootstrap has got you covered. if you know LESS, then customizing it takes just a few minutes. here are some pre-styled-components: Drop-down, button groups, Navs, Navbar, Breadcrumbs, pagination, Labels & badges, Typography, Thumbnails, Alerts, Progress bars, and media object. Bootstrap resolves a lot of cross-browser issues and you don’t need to worry about that most of the time.

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